1%. Everyday. Focus on the Process. Measure. Think.

For the longest time, I knew all the theories & made implementation plans. The journey started in 2005, with gym memberships, short term focus on food, activities & quick results. There were interim results. Pregnancy & healthy baby, caring in-laws & parents, wholesome food followed – expanding body became the next milestone. 10 Half Marathons, intermittent gym sessions & dietician came in next. Each physical element was evaluated – piecemeal processes put in place. More results followed, and so did the post-marathon ebb – most of the times.

Then came 2016 & reference from a friend got me to Puru’s door (literally). I’d like to think now that we opened that door in my life together and started looking at everything through a fresh pair of eyes, using first principles & in absolute. There were no more pieces any longer, everything started to be threaded together. The existing knots were unwound & we re-stitched them efficiently, ensuring that the threads don’t break. Equally, we designed patterns which were individual, relevant, meaningful & input based.

I’d like to think that the last five years has been a journey where I have felt physically more fit than possibly most of my early years & mentally have developed a framework to keep learning & growing. A lot of the inputs have come in from me – through questions asked, ideas probed & directions nudged. I have been challenged to find answers & mentored – so that I’m now able to set up my own designs in areas that I want to focus on.

I’d like to think that the last five years have only been the start of this journey. I still have 60% of it unlived & I intend to make the most of it – with help on & off.

Thank you, Puru!

Engineer, Creator, Learner, Daughter, Mother