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FEATURES of a Good Mentor
WHO is Puru the Guru?
What happens WITHOUT a Mentor?
FAT Loss
ILL-HEALTH and Getting OFF Medications


Life is too short to not have a mentor!

There are, broadly, 2 parts to this:
1. Actually Reaching Your Goal
2. Time

Have you noticed how just Googling or watching YouTube solutions doesn’t get you to your goals. That should not surprise you! If doing just that worked, then we would all be super fit, super happy and super rich. Of course, you can definitely be fitter, happier and more financially independent than you are now – even with all your preferences and constraints. Your cultural and religious constraints, your lifestyle preferences, your financial responsibilities.

The question to answer then is ‘how can you ensure that you get there?’.

The biggest common constraint we all face is that of time. Whether you have a lot of money or only a little, you too would want to achieve more every 24 hours and reach all your goals with less time invested than more. Just like you do not want to waste time getting lost and so you use a map or a GPS system, having a mentor will help you get to your life goals and in as short a time as possible.


An experienced mentor will do 3 things for you.

  1. They will empower you by teaching you how you can set goals and milestones that are appropriate for you.
  2. They will teach you simple steps to achieve your goals and milestones while eliminating the chance of failure. Not in some theoretical context. Not with a cookie-cutter approach that treats everyone in the same way. But by working together with you on a daily basis, step-by-step, to show how you can take control of your own life without giving up.
  3. Most importantly, they will work to make you independent of them as soon as possible.

Who is PURU The GURU? [top]

Dr Purnendu Nath, or Puru the Guru as he is popularly known, is not a medical doctor. He has worked as an experimental physicist, trained as an engineer, and as an actuary, managed portfolios at hedge funds and worked as an investment adviser to billion-dollar pension funds. He mentors people around the world to live better lives – for greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

One of Puru’s greatest beliefs is in a multi-pronged approach to a disease-free long life. As the father of a young lady training to be a physicist, who plays football, enjoys mathematics and the guitar, he is a proponent of a balanced life for excellent women’s health. As the father of a teenage boy who enjoys distance running, creates music and finds peace in his own art, he believes in a strong connection between your body and your mind for superb health.

Among those he advises on healthier living in busy urban centres includes many medical professionals. They have a first-hand appreciation of his approach – simple methods that are highly effective because they are grounded in solid science.

Puru the Guru believes that you too can enjoy an easy-effort, yet high-performance life.

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HEALTH & WEALTH Together [top]

Puru has been advising individuals (professionals and business owners) and institutions since 1993. As an actuary, as a consultant, as a researcher, as a strategist, and even assisting in legal cases, he works tirelessly when hired, in order to deliver more than what is expected. He has balanced growth in both internal and external wealth to be confident that he will be productive at 110 (in the year 2079) and even more financially independent than he is today. He is more than just an endurance athlete with single-digit body fat %. With a PhD in Finance, almost 3 decades of portfolio management experience and an ability to see through marketing bullshit, you can feel assured that he will hold your hand and guide you through your own financial planning. And, with numerous certifications and publications related to human health and longevity, along with having successfully guided many mentees to better health and getting off medications, you can be sure that whatever questions you might have with regards to your internal health, he will do more than just throw Googled results back to you.

Read more about Puru and Finance.
Read more about Puru and Research.


If you look around you, most people do not have a mentor. They are also, typically, far from the ideal state of existence that they desire to be in. If you want to be in a better place, you [a] need to understand what that better place is, and [b] understand a path to get there.

If you are not thinking frequently enough about where you want to reach, that is already a disappointing way to live the one and only life that you have. And if you have some idea of where you want to get to but are not actually following a path to get there, then that is not much better!

This is where a mentor plays a pivotal role in your success.

True understanding and success will only follow when you take the many, many, small steps to get there. Whether it is getting off medication safely, reaching peak physical performance, achieving success in your profession or business, planning sensibly for retirement, or simply better relationships, your chances of succeeding are significantly higher with a daily step-by-step guide by your side.

FAT Loss [top]

Only a tiny number of Puru’s mentees approach him with the goal of gaining weight. All of the others invariably want to either lose unwanted body fat or maintain their healthy weight and get better athletic performance.

Puru got rid of 25kg of body fat in his 40s. He did this by working systematically, using science. Now in his 50s, he continues to keep his body fat under control. Given his many interests, he always has very busy days and does not like investing too much time in exercise or workouts. So he has perfected the practical science of keeping body fat off with minimum daily time invested.

If you are someone who is very busy and also want a long healthy life, you now know whom to work with on that project!


We can get addicted to many things. Even being addicted to exercise is not ultimately healthy. And obsessing about eating right is an actual psychological disorder (orthorexia).

Puru has successfully guided others to safely get off alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana. And if you are someone who loves food but is finding it difficult to eat right while still enjoying every meal, you know whom to work with!

ILL-HEALTH and Getting OFF Medications [top]

Unfortunately, in extremely RARE situations, someone is born with a condition that requires them to be on medication in order to survive.
Unfortunately, in extremely RARE situations, someone develops an uncontrollable condition, often because of genetics, that requires them to be on medication in order to survive.
Unfortunately, the VAST MAJORITY of people who are on medications today take these in order to suppress symptoms of conditions that could have been avoided. Being focused on symptom suppression means that these medications do not cure the illness – if they did, withdrawal of the medication could be possible. The problem with being on any medication is that just about every medication has one or many side-effects that in some cases will be obvious and in other cases not very obvious, or not detectable in time.

Through the mentoring that Puru provides, he has worked with numerous conditions that have almost always included a reversal of ill-health and, in most cases, a complete withdrawal of medication. This is done in a scientific, systematic manner, and depends on the individual and on the specific condition. This has included:

Insulin resistance (and Type-2 Diabetes)
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Arteriosclerosis (stiffening of arteries)
Atherosclerosis (build-up of plaque in arteries)
Dyslipidemia (poor cholesterol)
PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
Infertility (inability to conceive a baby naturally)
Oligospermia (low sperm count)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Alzheimer’s (memory and thinking deterioration)
Epilepsy (abnormal brain activity causing seizures)
Hypothyroidism (thyroid function below normal)
Lupus (autoimmune disorder)
Hashimoto (autoimmune disorder)
Psoriasis (autoimmune disorder)
Leucoderma (partial/total loss of skin pigmentation)
Prostate cancer
Breast cancer


You may well find aspects of more than one scenario familiar and similar to your own life.

Age 13-25, you are in your student years. There is academic pressure, there is pressure to look good and maintain your fitness, and you still have to keep a calm head with all those around you – your parents, your family and your friends. How do you ensure you have good skin, good posture, good grades, have fun with your friends, and point all your effort in the right direction to get ahead in your career?

Age 25, female, irregular periods, your skin doesn’t look great and you have been told that you may have PCOS and are concerned about your hormonal health. Although your 35-year-old boss is good to you, you don’t want to look 45 like she does when you too are 35.

Age 30-40, busy parent, managing your household. Whatever little time exists after socializing is spent recovering from irregular sleeping hours. The weight has piled on, not being helped by alcohol or the inability to give up junk food or unhealthy snacks. Your father had a heart attack before he was 65 and you are concerned about your own cholesterol numbers not being great.

Age 35, and in generally good health with a decent diet and regular gym work. Although fitter than most people your age you are keen to look super fit without having to invest any more time on the treadmill or lifting weights. You are trying to climb the corporate ladder and want to be even better at your job while becoming physically more like a warrior.

Age 35-45, you are keen to take better care of yourself now than you did in the previous 15 years since finishing college and working to build a family and support them. You don’t have much time in the day to squeeze in hours at the gym and yet you want a six-pack or a beach body that your spouse and children will be proud to pose next to.

Age 40-50 and reasonably successful in your career so far. Gained weight and now look nothing like in college photos. Already have high blood pressure and there is a risk of being hit by diabetes. Memories of superfit active teen years now seem like a dream.

Age 50+ and going through menopause, or way past it, you want to take back control of your health. You have been making some effort but you aren’t sure if you are really going about it the right way. You would like to reverse your biological age. Your brain doesn’t seem as sharp as when you were much younger.

Age 60+ and you are on so many medications, you wonder if this is how life was always meant to be for you. You have no external responsibilities and valid financial worries but wonder why your health is now your main liability. You admire 75-year-olds who are fit and active and think it’s a pointless dream to imagine that you could be that way too. You are concerned about Alzhemier’s and dementia.