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SCMM-2016 – A Quick Update on Quantity and Quality

*Net Finish Times winsorized at 6:15

The number of participants in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon went up again this year. The aggregate performance of those who crossed the finish line improved again for the half marathon. Given that the half marathon is where the bulk of the race population focuses, that’s heartening to see. For the full marathon, the worsening we had seen last year, became further worse this year. It is not unlikely that the increased worsening in finish times is driven by the large number of new entrants, but given that the number of entries has been increasing every single year, to blame the newbies for the recent worsening is unjustifiably unfair without delving into the details. Incidentally, You can also see my earlier report on what happened between 2010-2014.

I will be chatting with you again soon about some interesting findings related to Indian recreational distance runners, but in the interim, I thought it would be good to provide you with this flash update.

And, before I go, I’d like you to think about this question and let me know your response:

The same person running the same race, a year apart, what percentage of runners would have improved their timings?

I’d like you to close your eyes for a few seconds and make a guess yourself. Then click on your choice and submit a response in the poll below please.

*Net Finish Times winsorized at 6:15 (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon)

*Net Finish Times winsorized at 6:15 (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon)


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