Sujatha Jain

What can I say about a mentor whom I count upon as my Dada (elder brother) today? I first followed Puru on Facebook and was truly inspired by his story of becoming not only healthy but also super-fit. It was my good fortune to be introduced to him through a common friend whom he was mentoring. (She had lost inches and in the process shaved off some years in age).

I admired his style of mentoring right from the word go. He really works at understanding who you truly are and your way of thinking, as that is a definite influence on the way you choose to eat/workout/live etc. Also, I loved the way he uses his PhD brain to magically add scientific and well-researched points of view to everything he asks you to try out. The concept of living a healthy lifestyle rather than just following a healthy diet was something unique that Puru introduced to me and has thankfully stuck on. I love the way he uses quantitative techniques to design your personal ‘log’. Imagine looking back at your 2021 nutrition and fitness log in 2041 – wouldn’t it be fascinating? Also, pretty much every single thing that he recommends you to incorporate in your lifestyle he always tried and tested on himself.

Puru truly nurtures not only your physical body but also your inner spirit. You know he’s there for you always – even if you are in touch with him virtually. He truly cares about making people healthier and fitter, so that they can live longer and happier.

If you are thinking of transforming your life, then I recommend that you go ahead and make Puru your Guru 🙂

Sujatha Jain
Leadership Coach, Radio Jockey, Entrepreneur, Mom