Mihir Kaji

Over the past several years, I went from being obese to being fit (relatively). During this journey, I read a lot about nutrition and meal plans for weight loss and tried a few of them like the slow-carb diet, intermittent fasting, even keto. While they all ‘worked’ in their own ways, and while I did lose around 29-30 kgs (and kept most of it off for years after) I always felt there was something that was missing. Living in India, following foreign nutritionists and their meal plans just didn’t feel sustainable. Not to mention, you will find ‘proof’ and ‘evidence’ for any and all kinds of approaches to food and health on the internet. Which will eventually lead to questions like – whom should I believe? How do I know for myself? How much and for how long can I go on experimenting? How can a cookie-cutter meal plan work for everyone when, clearly, everyone’s body is different? How can I tailor it to my specific needs?

Fortunately, during such explorations, I stumbled upon Puru’s website and reading his thoughts on it resonated with me. So I got in touch with him, and after talking to him a couple of times, I felt like his approach was what was missing for me and what I was looking for. Puru’s focus on what health actually is, and what role food plays in it was what appealed to me the most. He took time to understand what I was doing currently, study my eating patterns, understanding how my body and mind worked, and then slowly started making small, organic adjustments to what I was doing. All the while tracking everything, and measuring and studying it. Bit by bit, in small increments, my relationship with food improved quite a bit, and it never felt like a ‘diet’. It finally felt like I got an approach that was truly customized for my own body, my own goals, and my own environment. It finally felt natural. And, we don’t live in the same part of the world, and have not yet met in person!

I should also mention that Puru is not your typical ‘dietician’.  He will actively take a holistic view of your entire physiology, and work with you to figure out the optimum way to provide your body with not just the macronutrients that it needs, but also (and importantly), the micronutrients it needs – all the while making sure that you get them from actual food, and not from something made in a lab. From tracking the food you ate to the quality of your sleep, to your moods…Puru is all-in!

Puru is your man if you are finally ready to take a holistic approach towards your health. Do yourself a favour, and consult him!

Mihir Kaji
Investor, Explorer, Husband