I have been working in the technology industry in India and the US and have been working out like crazy for many years. All used to be well while I worked out regularly (6 days a week). However, even a gap of a week or so would negate months of hard work. This had been going on for 10 years before I saw Puru’s Facebook post about health and fitness and reached out to him.

There was some scepticism in the beginning. I had known Puru for a long time but not as a health and lifestyle mentor. To add, he was based in Mumbai, London, Dubai (long list) and I’ve been living in the US since 2009. I wasn’t sure if this would work out remotely. I was in for a surprise!

Puru takes a very scientific approach and starts with basic medical tests, current lifestyle and anything which would impact your food and workouts. The daily logs tell a great deal of your health story and are also good pulse checks to avoid any surprises or distractions. He keeps a constant tab on your progress, distractions and will let you know what needs to be changed at the right time.

What started with an experiment has become a lifestyle. My average workout hours have reduced significantly, the food I was eating has become richer with more options.  I am not eating 8-10 egg whites anymore😊, have got rid of whey proteins, started eating fruits. The best part was that it did not seem difficult. On the contrary, it was easier than the strict dietary measures I had adopted in the past.

Certainly, it all comes with good discipline which is required in anything where you’re looking for long term benefits. His mentoring and ways were a game-changer for me!

Tech-Entrepreneur, Indophile, Father