Sangeeta Sundaram

I have known Puru since 2015, the year that I signed up with him as a mentee. While I had been exercising regularly earlier, it was only after working under Puru’s guidance that I began to see the power of being methodical about fitness and becoming deeply aware of overall health as a discipline in life.

Puru is constantly updating himself on the latest scientific research around health and fitness – and incorporates those in his methods. The structured way of measuring and seeing the small changes over time and feeling the difference in one’s own body and mind are key in his approach. He is holistic, helping you bring changes in nutrition, exercise and sleep patterns to get the best for your body and mind.

What I love about his style of mentoring is the gentle yet firm nudges that he gives, to get you onto a disciplined path. He also lives and practices all that he shares as best methods for his mentees. He always has the best interest in mind for his mentee and works with their specific lifestyle to help make changes.

Over the years even when I did not train under him, all the elements of fitness that he helped me imbibe have stayed, making healthy eating and disciplined exercising a part of my life.

If you choose to have him as your mentor, you are making one of the best investments towards a healthy and fit yourself. 

Sangeeta Sundaram
Entrepreneur, Posture Teacher (Gokhale Method), Mother