Srinivasan Nadadhur

I was fairly regular with exercise for 15 years before Puru became my mentor. I was doing all the right things, or so I thought, but while I wasn’t overweight, I was stuck in a rut. I wasn’t making progress in being able to lift more or being able to run faster or longer. My wife and I met Puru and were impressed by his thoughts on exercise, nutrition and above all, his way of life. We decided to become his mentees.

We could not have made a better decision.

Puru’s approach to fitness is very scientific. There is certainly an emphasis on nutrition, weight and cardiovascular training. However, two aspects of his coaching stand out. One is his ability to customize the program based on his mentees’ goals, current fitness levels, and preferred diet. The second is his data-driven approach – mentees record exercise and nutrition and he provides valuable feedback.

I saw significant improvements in just two months. Puru has made a huge difference in my life. Thanks, Puru!

Srinivasan Nadadhur
Business Operations, Fitness Enthusiast, Violinist, Husband, Father