Andrea Siqueira

I have known Purnendu since 1990. Although I live in Canada and have rarely met him in person since then, he became my mentor in my fitness journey in 2014.

Purnendu shared every detail he carefully studied that was relevant to me. I know he did his own reading around the material, and this gave me the confidence to follow his advice.

His tag line “The refusal to think is evil” resounded with me. Purnendu took me under his wings as a mentee and it was because of his mentoring that I was able to feel motivated and encouraged to be consistent in my fitness routines, especially my running.

Although I live in Canada, he mentored me through an online log customized for me. This included a schedule tailored to my needs, with running targets and detailed nutrition guidance based on my preferences and what was available where I live. In return, I logged the details of every meal. This practice of keeping the online journal that he could access in real-time really helped me make better choices with my nutrition. As a result, I was committed to being consistent with the right lifestyle choices.

Even though I had run a few half-marathons before Puru became my mentor, it gave me the tools for a lifetime of learning success. The foundation of creating a healthy lifestyle and how to maintain it was set and, for this, I am more than thankful to him. 

Purnendu as a trainer, educator, mentor and friend, is patient, thoughtful, quick to respond to any questions or concerns, highly focused, motivating, supportive, encouraging and fun too. He can appear to be regimented in his training but it is for great rewards in the end. 

I have started my 51st year, still staying committed and consistent to a healthy lifestyle, all thanks to Purnendu who got me on this path in the first place. One of his quotes that continues to resonate with me is “Seek out struggle, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find

I highly recommend Purnendu Nath as your mentor and friend. You cannot go wrong choosing him!

Entrepreneur, Educator, Explorer