Lady AS

Here is some data to tell a story of my mentoring journey with Puru.

  • I studied for 540 hours for a competitive exam and smashed it! I didn’t just study systematically, I was in a better mental and physical state than ever when I took the exam
  • My mother, aged 72, corrected her high BP without medication under Puru’s guidance
  • I lost 13kg of fat and my mom lost 10kg of fat in a span of 3 months and we both have maintained our body weights effortlessly ever since
  • I have a 245-day unbroken streak of learning a new language
  • I have maintained a log of my workouts, food habits, study routine and other skills I am trying to learn for over 2 years now
  • I just took another exam with 500+ hours of systematic study following Puru’s guidance after the mentoring got over. So, the knowledge and process stay with you.   

I live in Dubai and it’s amazing to see how Puru makes the best use of technology to handhold clients.

Prior to meeting Puru, the bingeing on ‘self-improvement’ videos, books, blogs, and podcasts had ZERO net impact on my life. And then a single step – towards Puru – changed the way I live forever. I got rid of the loop I was in and ensured some real positive change within me. It’s been the best investment I made for myself and for my close ones.

Puru is practical, process-driven, logic-based, walks the talk, hand-holds where needed and avoids any kind of extraterrestrial sermons. In the end, he leads you on a life-changing journey if you show sincerity. It has been a great experience and I thank Puru for his authenticity and unmatched commitment.

Lady AS
Finance Professional, Master-chef, Polyglot