Sunne K Kumaar

I have known Puru since our time together in college. He has excelled extremely well in his career in finance and hedge funds. Puru has always been an all-rounder. I heard about his keen interest and study around ‘Wellness’. As I read some of his writings and spoke with him about wellness – I knew that Puru has a holistic view rather than a cookie-cutter approach. He mentored me in the various sub-domains on wellness – nutrition, diet and exercise over a period of 6 months. And we were in different continents in very different time zones!

Puru’s style is around ‘servant leadership’. He is here to serve the folks that he mentors. He is extremely diligent on checking in daily with his mentees. I recall him pinging me on WhatsApp when I missed recording stats for the day – even though he was travelling from Mumbai to London that day. He does not give grand theories and esoteric nuances. Instead, his advice is very personalized, practical and results-oriented.

I greatly benefited from Puru’s advice in the areas of nutrition and exercise. He taught me what works best for me – and I could measure it empirically. I highly recommend Puru as he is a wealth of information, he personalizes his prescription and above all – he genuinely cares and wants his mentees to do well in all areas of life. He is an awesome coach. I am proud to have him as my friend.

Sunny Kumar
Global VP + Father/Husband/Brother/Son