Mudit Jain

I was introduced to Puru by a dear friend from London to improve my health and fitness. In my interactions with him, I found Puru to be a deep repository of knowledge and wisdom on wellness. For example on the type of and timing of food, fasting, symmetry in various dimensions when exercising in the gym. I also learned that ‘less is more’ in the gym as it is the quality of exercises and not the quantum that is important. And the right balance between cardio, strength training and rest/recovery. Many good habits have been inculcated, most of them so simple, e.g. the optimum timing of hydration in a 24-hour cycle.

Puru himself is an outstanding example of fitness. He started his own journey on this path late in life but, having honed the process and science into a fine art, has shown that it is easy to have a six-pack if one is disciplined.

Puru is a one-stop person for health and fitness leading to wellness and well-being. Begin your journey into living by engaging with Puru The Guru!

Happy living,

Mudit Jain
Industrialist, Political Philosopher, Master-of-Dry-Wit