I have an incredibly busy life, with often conflicting demands of a challenging career, a growing daughter, and a wide circle of family and friends. This has meant that time has always been at a premium. 

Over the years, I have struggled with niggling but protracted health issues – chronic migraine and the inability to shed some extra weight that I’ve been lugging around for decades. Both became even more pronounced as I entered the perimenopause stage a few years ago. In spite of years of restrictive diets and fairly active life, the extra weight just refused to budge. Worse, even a few days of slackened discipline would cause the pounds to pile on. I also developed knee and ankle injuries, primarily on account of the excess weight, which led to a vicious cycle of reduced physical activity and weight gain. 

A year ago, I started talking about my health anxieties with Puru, who has been a friend for many, many years. He nudged me to sign up with him for formal mentorship. I hesitated mainly because I thought it would be yet another diet plan in a long series of diet plans! I finally took the plunge last year with a “what can I lose?” mindset. 

Amazingly, it has been transformative for me. Puru’s methodical approach and constant pushing on the eating well, moving more, sleeping well, fronts guided me onto a path that was holistically healing and in tune with my body’s needs. He demanded commitment and discipline – constant logging is an article of faith for him! – but this gradually shaped a lifestyle change that yielded rich dividends. In just a few weeks, I found my weight gradually falling and my strength gradually increasing. My active hours each day have increased substantially and my eating habits have become far better. I am hopeful that by persisting with this way of life, I will be able to enhance my fitness levels and, in time, minimize the migraine menace too. 

In short – Puru the Guru rocks!

Mother, Diplomat, Fitness Enthusiast