Kshiteesh Deshmukh

I am an entrepreneur who came across Puru through his blogs. At that time, I was extremely frustrated with my inability to find a path that would lead me toward my life goals. I was constantly second-guessing myself and felt totally lost.

I reached out to Puru and we started working together. What followed was by far one of the most transformative experiences I have had in my life. Puru has a system that is simple yet profound. Puru is a true Guru who has equipped me with tools that will last me a lifetime. He taught me how to breathe correctly, run intelligently, sleep better, and to think critically – as a scientist should. He is truly my GPS.

My transformation has also rubbed off on a few of my friends and family and even they have started making changes to their lifestyles.

I have never been in better shape in my life, physically and mentally. There has been a positive shift in my bloodwork. I was suffering from anxiety for almost a decade and a half. Working with Puru has helped me reduce it significantly to the point that I would consider myself ‘cured’. In many ways, it’s been a rebirth for me. Puru has always been a phone call away for any advice. He helped my wife and me take some important life decisions and also gave us extremely valuable parenting advice.

I feel privileged to have Puru as my Guru.

Kshiteesh Deshmukh
Father, Powerlifter, Entrepreneur