Sushant Dash

I first met Puru in early-2014. I had seen him running bare-chested (!) and cycling in Bandra (Mumbai) and got in touch with him to figure out cycling routes. We got talking and one thing led to another… with me registering for his then P100 programme. (It was a holistic approach to overall health and fitness – including exercise, diet, wellness.)

When I started the programme, I was already quite serious about my fitness, regular with my gym and, to some extent, my diet. So, I was not completely sure of how much value Puru would add (and I had not had great experiences with a few other fitness coaches I had consulted with).

The 100-days with Puru were a game-changer. He did not just give me a workout programme relevant for me, and a diet appropriate for me, to follow, but he actually taught and explained a new way to ‘live’. He took the time to explain the logic underlying the processes. He taught me ways and means to “make wellness a lifestyle”.

I know it is a cliche but he taught me how to fish, rather than give me the fish!

I think working with Puru made my grounding stronger, taught me the importance of discipline, made the journey enjoyable and a way of life.

It has been 6 years now since I met him last but the learnings still hold and I can safely say that at 48, maybe I am the fittest I have ever been (and surely a better version of Puru with the shirt! 😀)

Sushant Dash
Branding Expert, Adventurer, Father