Roshni Shah


Puru – what can I say but he’s a real Guru! He’s helped me immensely in all areas of my life. From lifestyle choices for health (not only for myself but for my parents too) to relationships and finance.

He has always been there to help, no matter what time of day and often when we’re on different continents. He’s the only coach I’ve come across who genuinely cares. He’s been my go-to for advice on an incredibly wide range of life topics.

Despite all the letters and credentials, he’s really an amazingly down-to-earth, warm and friendly human being. He is so easy to get on with and an amazing listener.

Puru describes practical steps you can execute every day. For example, he’s taught me how to incorporate a bit of holiday into my life daily so I don’t burn out. He’s helped me on a spiritual level too by connecting me with some amazing people. The list can go on!

I highly recommend Puru for all your needs, no matter how small or big. Just get in touch with him and he’ll show you the way. This comes from my heart.

Roshni Shah
Entrepreneur, Fashionista, Wife