Praveen Mahadevan

My association with Puru began in 2016 with a rather limited ambition of running longer distances faster. Sure enough, Puru set me on the path to get there, and in a matter of a few months, I had already run PBs across distances – Full Marathons, Half Marathons and 10K races. 

While my primary focus in this time remained running, I began to value Puru’s inputs on Healthspan and in due course realized why I should not care much about a podium finish or an ultra-marathon – in much the same way Puru does not.  

The fundamental recommendation that “You can’t improve what you can’t measure” resonated with me right from day one to the extent that I diligently captured enough data points for us to review and course-correct wherever needed. Some of my time-tested beliefs were challenged – always with rationale, backed by strong research and my own data. My goal became more well-rounded with a focus on Health, Nutrition, Longevity, Family, Career & Decision-Making.  

The ROTI (Return on Time Invested) appealed more and more, and attention turned to getting fitter and stronger, and not just faster. I began to focus on wide-ranging physical activities from weight training, yoga, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, badminton and tennis. 

Though not a mandate, I agreed with Puru’s commentary on why going Vegan was good for you and the world, and seamlessly adjusted what I ate and when I ate. Eggs disappeared from the breakfast menu, and so did Paneer (did you say sabzi?) and Dahi from my South Indian diet. A 5-day water-only fast earlier this year gave more satisfaction than a 7 course Michelin meal can offer!

Even with an electric car that we have owned for 6 years, my wife and I knew that we could not compete with Puru on Going-Green, but decided that we would cut out waste wherever we could.  So, out went plastic bags, and in came “Manja Pais” (cloth bags!) each time we went out to shop. This consciousness also extended to how we manage money, and where we spend. Why buy a Vitamin-D supplement when you get it free from the sun, right?

Puru has been my go-to person whenever I have needed a neutral sounding board to discuss work-related challenges or career guidance. I have known that Puru can be your pillar of support and give you the boost of confidence you need and be as candidly critical with the same ease.

Praveen Mahadevan
BAD! Banker, Athlete, Dad