Luv Shah

Of the various philosophies and programs that are available in the commercial market, Puru’s program stands out as unique and novel.

It is unique and novel as it is a mix of health, wellness and life coaching and is not just restricted to health and wellness.

It is also unique and novel because of Puru’s unique experiences, qualifications, interests and background as well as his personality.

The key to his program is discipline and monitoring.

His ability to personalise the program for each individual and also mentor and coach them in all walks of life is a major advantage.

If anyone can reach 50% of what Puru has achieved in terms of knowledge and discipline, it would be amazing and, in my case, if I can reach 20%, I will be very happy.

I am clear that this is the only program that works for me – provided this becomes my priority and I can invest at least 2 hours of each day towards my own health and wellness. I do hope to reach there soon.

Each person has to find his own balance and define his own priorities but for me, it would be 10% of my time and prioritise health over lifestyle, entertainment and learning to say no to too many late nights with friends, alcohol and unhealthy foods, even when it is served with love. 

I am hoping to reach that state of balance and equilibrium earlier than later in life and thanks to Puru.

Luv Shah
Entrepreneur, Father, Traveller