Lady AJ

I signed up with Puru in 2016. The first thing he got me doing was designing a strength training module which I’ve been able to use with added variations of my own over time. He also taught me the correct way to run, which surprisingly, is not really taught to us in our formative years. Over time, I’ve also been able to work other sports into my schedule, discovering so much more of my inherent potential.

A great benefit of working with Puru has been starting Intermittent Fasting which is an integral part of my lifestyle now. It’s changed the way my body metabolism works. He’s also helped me to see fitness holistically, with a focus on both, the daily/micro and the yearly/life/macro picture.

The logs he’s designed with his background in Actuarial Science are incredibly beneficial to chart your progress towards fitness goals. His methods are best suited for people serious and more importantly, diligent and disciplined about their fitness goals.

I feel the best compliment to him is that one quickly gets adept at setting and following through on one’s lifestyle goals independently. And, you get all the benefits of working towards your goal even if you don’t live in the same part of the world as he is in! I’m very grateful to him for being part of my ‘fabulous in my forties’ journey.

Thanks, Puru!

Architect, Author, Athlete