Dr Varsha Paidhungat

I met Puru the Guru as one close friend suggested that I take his guidance. To begin with, I was aware of his passion and dedication, and his knowledge about food and nutrition, but to my great surprise, it was complemented by his ability to solve any problem – whether it’s your personal or professional life.

Puru would always be there to help with a smile on his face. I felt that writing a diary and following an activity schedule made me more organised. It was fulfilling when it came to internal satisfaction.

The most challenging aspect of my time spent with him as a mentee was when I came to know that I was pregnant and I had registered myself for the IDBI marathon. I didn’t want to miss it. Only because of Puru and his constant encouragement and positive outlook, I could do my marathon in spite of the Monsoon rains and 3 months of pregnancy. This particular event is carved in my heart and soul and has given me a big boost!!

I realised that whatever he may advise, ultimately one needs to be prepared and receptive enough to bring about change in your life. Only then is it going to be of help. Other than this, sometimes I found it challenging to enter the daily routine details on google docs because of my busy schedule as a mother and a gynaecologist. But I suppose once it’s incorporated into your routine, it becomes effortless.

To end with, I felt that he is a man who not only looks at physical endurance but looks after your overall betterment, your well-being. 

He changed my way of looking at things in life. Presently I have taken a break but will be looking forward to being associated with his training again.

I wish he can reach out to as many people as possible and pass on whatever he is best at!

Wishing him the best, always!!

Dr Varsha Paidhungat