Dr Neha Dholakia

Puru has guided me about health. He is very knowledgeable. He teaches the basics of health extremely well. He has done deep research and tells you everything in a nutshell.

The set of exercises he has taught is exhaustive. One doesn’t need to search for anything more.

He’s a good teacher as he teaches the fundamentals so well that one will just know automatically if the food you want to eat is good for you or not. His advice has definitely changed the way I see food now. Also, just by watching what he eats, we learn a lot!

The lifestyle data-entry and charts are simple and clear. If you simply follow his diet and exercise instructions you will be able to achieve any goal. He is disciplined and helpful even after that. Then it’s up to you.

He is a beaming example himself! I will definitely recommend his guidance to anyone keen on going down the fitness path.

If you want to become fit, he is, 100%, your go-to person!

Dr Neha Dholakia
Eye surgeon, Foodie, Philosopher