The PTG Pollution-Weather Trade-off Tool

The PTG Pollution-Weather Trade-off Tool


This page is a quick guide to the PTG Pollution-Weather Trade-off Tool based on the paper “Pollution and Weather Trade-offs for Endurance Events”.

The tool is a spreadsheet driven by empirical data on weather and pollution. The teaser article that accompanied the paper is here.

Easy to use and benefit

The tool will help you make an objective decision about whether you ought to attend an outdoor event based on its calendar date and based on your personal preferences for different components of weather (temperature, humidity, rainfall) and air pollution.

For the technical details behind the model please refer to the paper here.



For New Delhi (or Gurgaon/Noida)
– click here for the XLSX version  ..  (recommended, 180KB only)
– click here for the XLS version  ..  (300KB)

For other locations, wait a few more weeks…



Easy inputs

You only need to enter a few simple bits of information in the yellow cells

– your preferences [weights] for weather (temperature, humidity, rainfall)
– up to 5 different event dates being considered



Visualize your preferences–>decisions

The 5 dates you choose are marked out on the red CC curve.

For each date are shown the following:
– The level of your CC
– The day ranking (1 to 365) and
– The score (0% to 100%)

Guidance for you

All 3 measures are best when lower. The highlighting of green [good] to red [ridiculous] gives a visual comparison between dates.

Remember, always, that these numbers are based on your preferences, the assumptions of the model, and ultimately driven by the empirical data of the past.



Download the tool and play around with it. Make informed choices.

– Puru


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