IDBI-2016 Pacer Bands

Pacer Strips or Bands
Pacer Strips or Bands

I have a short fun video to show you how to use the bands. The links to your free bands are below, just scroll down to pick the one that’s right for you…

Instruction Video for your Band (93 seconds)

Your Half Marathon Bands – CLICK on as many as you wish – it’s your choice

Choose PINK or WHITE
Choose PINK or WHITE

1:39 (white or pink)
1:44 (white or pink)
1:49 (white or pink)
1:54 (white or pink)
1:57 (white or pink)
1:59 (white or pink)
2:04 (white or pink)
2:09 (white or pink)
2:14 (white or pink)
2:19 (white or pink)
2:24 (white or pink)
2:29 (white or pink)
2:34 (white or pink)
2:39 (white or pink)
2:44 (white or pink)
2:49 (white or pink)

Disclaimer for other races
A word of caution to remember –  these bands have been calibrated specifically for the IDBI-2016 route. Although they might (approximately) work for other races of similar distance, they will not be ideal and you might find yourself being ahead or behind of the band at certain points of that other race.

Click, Print, Cut, Wear… Pose… and Run!


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